When partnering with Vendôme, our clients always receive a direct and hands-on involvement by veteran dealmakers who have extensive industry knowledge and insights, are committed to thoroughly understanding the company and its strategic priorities and will consistently deliver first-class execution capabilities. We have a long and proven track record of successfully executing strategic cross-border transactions across North America, Europe, Latin America and Asia. As a multi-cultural and multi-lingual firm, we have a unique ability to understand, anticipate and adapt to cultural differences in order to respectfully and professionally achieve successful cross-border transactions for our clients.

As a trusted and experienced advisor, Vendôme provides our clients with a comprehensive corporate finance offering across the following services:

Customized Sell-sides, Divestitures and Minority Investment Sales

We advise clients considering the sale of part or all of their business or assets by closely counseling them through all stages of the transaction and by leveraging our extensive professional expertise to maximize value. During this tailored process, ranging from broad auctions to one-to-one negotiated transactions, we develop a sale strategy, evaluate strategic alternatives, assess potential acquirers / partners, perform valuation analyses, prepare highly customized company memoranda and presentations and advise on negotiating optimal transaction terms including valuation, structuring, timetable and potential financing structures. If our role is to sell a minority position, we access our global and diverse network of investors interested in minority investments / partnerships which includes strategic private equity groups, high net-worth individuals, family offices and non-traditional investors. We have a successful track-record of achieving premium valuations, conducting professional and confidential processes and establishing a trusted and enduring relationship with our clients.

Targeted Buy-sides & Acquisition Searches

We assist public and private corporations, private equity groups and non-traditional investors in targeted one-to-one acquisition approaches and buy-side negotiations by providing insight on seller psychology, competitive dynamics, valuations and the development of creative structures. We also execute customized acquisition searches which allow buyers to leverage our deep sector expertise and relationships in finding an optimal acquisition target. Acquisition searches start with a dedicated strategic analysis of our client’s goals and criteria and include an overview of the best potential acquisition targets followed by a customized approach to relevant targets.

Strategic Advisory & Consulting

As an independent and objective advisor specializing in the luxury goods and premium branded consumer industries, we provide thorough, relevant and thoughtful advice on a range of strategic considerations to management, boards of directors and investors. Strategic consulting assignments include advising on financing structures and alternatives, potential partner relationships, executive level introductions, international growth strategies and company and market due diligence, among others.

Fairness Opinions & Valuations

Through rigorous analysis and independent diligence, we prepare well-considered and unbiased perspectives on third-party strategic transactions. Our fairness opinions and valuations to boards of directors, special committees, fiduciaries, management and/or private and public companies include a broad range of transaction types such as mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures, management-led buyouts and portfolio investment valuations.

Advice on Capital Raises & Alternative Financial Solutions

We advise clients on finding the optimal financing solutions through our broad network of traditional, hybrid and alternative capital sources including capital raises, angel and venture capital investors, senior and/or mezzanine debt financing. Additionally, we will serve as a client’s advocate and facilitator in their search and understanding of financing sources, particularly in helping international companies navigate and find the right capital providers / partners in the U.S. market.

Direct Investments

Driven by our entrepreneurial spirit, passion and understanding of luxury and premium consumer brands, we will selectively co-invest our own funds in companies that offer differentiated products and services, are experiencing significant growth and are led by talented management teams. As value-added partners, we will leverage our extensive network of global relationships and provide our specialized sector and financial insights to help companies accelerate their strategic growth, including into new geographic markets, channels of distribution or product categories.