Our Firm


About Us

Vendôme Global Partners is a highly specialized and independent investment banking firm providing strategic mergers and acquisitions, and customized financial advisory services to Luxury, Beauty and Premium Consumer brands on a global basis.

Founded and led by an experienced and passionate team of professionals based in New York, Vendôme Global Partners offers a full range of advisory services including customized sell-sides, acquisition searches and targeted buy-sides, strategic advisory services, fairness opinions and valuations.

Vendôme Global Partners was established with a passion and drive to Connect Creative Brands, through a highly customized M&A advisory service. We leverage our global relationships, deep luxury sector expertise and multi-decade investment banking experience to serve our clients with unparalleled dedication, discretion and relentless commitment to excellence.


What Differentiates Us?

Our client-focused philosophy is centered around the following core characteristics:

High-Touch Customized M&A Service

It is the way we do things that differentiates us.

Trusted Partner & Experienced Independent Advisor

Direct and hands-on involvement by senior partners throughout each assignment. We earn our clients’ trust and confidence every day and provide a seasoned and independent point of view.

Global Relationship Network

Ongoing dialogue with an extensive and meticulously curated group of top-tier global investors and targets, reflecting the dynamics of the luxury sector.

Tailored Solutions & Genuine Authenticity

Creative and value-added customized solutions with a keen interest and expertise in nurturing brands and helping companies grow to reach their full potential.

Long-Term Trusted Relationships

Proven track record in building deep and enduring partnerships. We are relationship driven, not transaction obsessed. We listen to, and serve our clients with total dedication. We genuinely care about their long-term success.

Cross-Border, Multi-Lingual & Multi-Cultural Team

Specialists in managing international transactions, with a unique ability to quickly understand and adapt to cultural differences in a constructive manner, in order to achieve the optimal outcome for our clients.

In-Depth Luxury Sector Expertise

Thorough understanding of our clients’ operations and strategic priorities, ensuring optimal positioning, in-depth brand assessment, and highly-targeted processes.

Discretion & Confidentiality

High sensitivity to discretion from start to end.

Our success is built alongside that of our clients, one step at a time. We are their partners for the long run.

Vendôme Global Partners shares the fundamental codes of the luxury industry: highest standards, craftsmanship, personalization, creativity, and impeccable attention to every detail. Each client is unique, and receives our undivided attention.



Our Founders

The founders combine world class, multi-decade international investment banking expertise, with an entrepreneurial spirit and a love for luxury and premium brands, and have assembled a team of passionate and dedicated professionals.


Elsa Berry

Ms. Berry, founder of Vendôme Global Partners, was previously the Head of Corporate Finance North America at BNP Paribas for 20 years, following the sale of her cross-border M&A advisory firm to BNP in 1989.


Louis Fabregas

Mr. Fabregas, founder of Vendôme Global Partners, previously served as a Director of Corporate Finance North America at BNP Paribas and as a Senior Vice President in the Global Mergers & Acquisitions Group of Citigroup / Salomon Smith Barney